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The beautiful island of Holbox is an unparalleled destination surrounded by nature and beautiful sunsets that will captivate your senses. From Punta Coco with its beautiful view, to Punta Mosquito with its crystalline waters, its sandy streets and a perfect climate to tan your skin, take a bike ride, enjoy the gastronomic diversity, have a kayak adventure through the mangroves or just relax, it is a magical place on the shores of the mexican caribbean that offers great and unforgettable experiences. From the Bioluminescence that can be seen almost all year round to swimming with whale sharks in the surroundings.
The name Holbox means "Black Hole" in mayan language, because of its cenotes or underground springs. The island was continuously visited by pirates due to its strategic location. In 1873 Holbox was founded by european buccaneers, who fell in love with the place and decided to settle in this paradise.

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Yalahau Cenote

Yalahau is located 30 minutes from Holbox, a spring of crystalline waters that holds as much beauty as it does history. It is said to have curative properties, which is why this beautiful spring is considered the "fountain of youth".
It was an important merchant port for the state, located in the coastal region of the present municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas, almost in front of the island of Holbox and a few kilometres from the port of Chiquilá. Its location at the entrance of the so-called Yalahau Lagoon or Conil Bay was due to the greater depth of its waters; fishermen and mayan travellers used the place as a source of fresh drinking water.

Pájaros Island

Isla Pájaros is a small islet covered with mangrove and cactus located in the Yalahau or Conil lagoon, where a great diversity of birds live, some in danger of extinction. There are two viewpoints and walkways to minimise direct contact with the birds, in order to protect the natural environment while admiring them. Flamingos, cormorants, herons, frigates, pelicans, wild ducks, seagulls, are just some of the species to be observed in a space still in its natural state.

Passion Island

Isla Pasión is a small islet 10 minutes away from Holbox by boat. It is recommended to enjoy virgin beaches, sun and sea; for its peaceful atmosphere and its tropical adventure space, far away from civilization.

Whale Shark Swim Tour in Holbox

The Whale Shark Swim is the most popular tour in Holbox and Cancun area in the summer season. It is a fantastic tour that consists of swimming and snorkelling just metres away from these enormous animals, admiring the incredible nature that has captivated thousands of visitors from all over the world.


Experience the most impressive natural spectacle of the Yucatan peninsula with the bioluminescence on the beaches of Holbox! At night, these beaches light up with a beautiful blue glow caused by millions of micro-organisms called dinoflagellates.
An exciting adventure by golf cart or kayak through the crystal clear waters of the island, where you can see this natural phenomenon up close and enjoy the beauty of the stars.

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