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Menorca is one of the islands that belongs to the Balearic archipelago. It is the furthest east island of the Mediterranean that belongs to Spain. Without doubt, it is one of those destinations that you must visit at least once in your life. But watch out! Once you see its beaches and coves, nothing will ever seem the same to you. Enjoy the marvelous weather of Menorca and let yourself go in this Balearic paradise.

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The capital of the island deserves also a visit during your stay in Menorca, both for its atmosphere and for its nightlife. The port city of Mahón, surrounded by the natural park of s`Albufera des Grau, has a cultural legacy that can be seen in its streets and buildings. Do not forget to visit Menorca Museum, the Castle of Saint Philip and the Fortaleza of Isabel II.

Ciutadella de Menorca

The best plan for a summer night in Menorca is to walk around the beautiful port of La Ciutadella. The city that was the capital of the island until it was occupied by the English, it is famous for its old town, their palaces and stately homes and its Medieval-style streets and buildings. You will love its curious natural port, the beauty of its streets, its terraces and the calm that is breathed on the island.


Camí de Cavalls

If you want to discover the natural beauty of Menorca, some sections of “Camí de Cavals” are worth it. This 185-kilometer trail borders the entire island and it is a good way to know the different places of Menorca. Little is known about the history of this road; it is believed that it was built centuries ago to connect the watchtowers that surrounded the island and protected it from pirate attacks. You can travel any stretch of the road on foot, by bicycle and even on horseback, this is the best way to discover the beautiful coasts of Menorca!

Beaches and Coves of Menorca

Menorca is well-known for its coves. The island has some of the best beaches of Mediterranean sea and its coasts have a natural charm that can win everybody’s heart. During your stay in the island, you have to visit some of its famous beaches and coves, such as Cove Turqueta, Cove Macarella, Cavalleria Beach and Cove Pregonda, these last two have red sand and an especial beauty. Relax and enjoy the turquoise waters and unparalleled landscape!

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