Carmen’s Beach

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Carmen’s Beach

The Mexican Coast Touristic Area

Carmen Beach is one of the quintessential tourist areas of the Mexican coast. It is known internationally for being located in the Yucatan Peninsula, along the Caribbean coast of Rivera Maya. Carmen Beach belongs to the state of Quintana Roo and is known worldwide for its paradisiacal beaches flanked by palm trees and the colorful coral reefs that appear in the postcards.

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Chichen Itzá

On any trip to the Yucatán peninsula, the Chichen Itzá ruins are a must-see. These ancient Mayan ruins, famous throughout the world, are a World Heritage Site and one of the best-preserved testimonies of the Mayan civilization, so if you are in the area it is worth visiting and enjoying the majesty of the main temple, the pyramid Kukulkan, the representations of figures and gods in the buildings, the astronomical observatory, known as El Caracol, the Temple of the Warriors and learn about the history and curiosities of the Mayan civilization that Chichen Itzá inhabited.


Cenote Jardín Eden y Cenote Jardín Azul

One of the greatest natural attractions of Playa del Carmen are the impressive natural wells that run along the Caribbean coast. Jardin Edén natural well, which gets its name from the abundant vegetation that surrounds it, is one of the largest open-air natural wells in the area, so its waters are especially crystal clear and visibility is perfect. The Cenote Azul is another of the most famous open-air natural well in the area, its cold and transparent waters are the ideal place to dive and discover the beauty of these places.

Isla Mujeres

The small Mujeres Island has a special charm that attracts many tourists from all corners of the world, natural beauty and history come together in an island full of options and activities for visitors. The beaches and landscapes of the island are worth to admire and will surely make your visit to the island unforgettable. Mujeres Island, with a National Diving Park, is a paradise for novice and expert divers, its transparent and shallow waters, full of corals and the amount of marine life that they harbor make the coasts of this island the ideal place for diving lovers and sea-animals enthusiasts, you can even see turtles!

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Ruins of Cobá y Ruins of Tulum

Visiting the ruins of ancient civilizations that inhabited the Riviera Maya is an ideal way to understand not only the nature and landscapes of Playa del Carmen, but also to learn about the culture, traditions and customs of those who inhabited this area. The Ruins of Cobá and the Ruins of Tulum have an unmatched artistic and cultural value, in addition to possess great beauty and they are a place that you must visit to discover architectural vestiges that will give you an idea of ​​what the ancestral lifestyle was Mayan civilization.

Xcaret Park

Xplore, Xenxes, Hel-ha, Xoximilco, Savage

The Xcaret parks are an ideal place to enjoy a million activities and natural and cultural attractions with the whole family. In this natural park you will be able to know in depth the culture and nature of Mexico, you will have the opportunity to bathe in rivers, taste the most delicious typical dishes and learn about the typical fauna of the area in the park's aviary, aquarium and butterfly farm. In this park you will find in one place everything that characterizes Playa del Carmen and the Caribbean area, so you cannot miss it!

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