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The Seven Colors Lake

Bacalar is a town in the south of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It is located about 40 kilometers north of the capital, Chetuma, and on the shore of the Bacalar lagoon, also known as the lagoon of the seven colors, of great touristic interest is the most important lagoon in southern Quintana Roo.

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San Felipe de Bacalar Fort

San Felipe de Bacalar Fort is a place that is worth visiting during your stay in Mexico. This defensive fort was built in 1725 in order to preserve the state against the constant looting of pirates from around the world that the area suffered. In addition to the interest that the fort and its history arouse, from here you will enjoy impressive views of the Bacalar lagoon that you cannot miss!

Pirates Route

Created for commercial purposes to connect the Mayan tribes of the north with the Mayan tribes of Central America, the Pirates’ Canal is a route of great tourist interest. Later it was used by pirates from all over the world to loot the area and seize the wealth of the peoples that inhabited the state, most of them merchants of precious woods and minerals. The canal has a singular beauty, with blue and crystalline waters forming a unique place that for sure will impress you.

San Joaquin’s Church

San Joaquín’s church, very close to Bacalar Square, is also an essential visit during your trip. The temple was built in honor of the patron saint of Bacalar, in the mid-19th century and has been recently rebuilt and renovated, so it is in perfect condition. The place is of interest to many tourists who want to know the culture and architecture of the area, as well as the lifestyle and atmosphere of its streets.

More Important Activities

Visit the Most Famous Natural Wells

Cenote cocalitos, blue cenote and black cenote

One of the greatest natural wonders of Mexico are its natural wells. These ancient formations have a unique beauty and bathing in their deep blue waters is an unbeatable experience. Near the Bacalar area are some of the most impressive natural wells that you must visit during your vacation.

Cenote Azul is the deepest natural well in Bacalar and it is so big that it resembles a lake. It is an ideal place for activities such as diving. Cenote Cocalitos, in addition to its great beauty, is the perfect place to visit with the family because it has countless facilities and services and it has easy access.

Lastly, the Cenote Negro, also known as the Cenote de la Bruja, is a must-see in Bacalar. The natural well gets its name from the contrast of its dark waters due to its depth, with the brilliant turquoise blue water of the lagoon. In short, visiting the natural wells of Bacalar is a unique experience that you cannot miss.

Aserradero Municipal Spa

The small Aserradero Municipal Spa is an ideal place to relax, unwind and enjoy a bath in the calm waters of the Bacalar Lagoon. Access is completely free; it also has a nice dock for easy access to the water and a camping area. We cannot think of a better plan in Bacalar than to spend a day enjoying the beauty of the Lagoon from this spa.

Ecological Lake Park

The Bacalar area has a protected area known as the Ecological Lake Park. In this area of ​​more than 50,000 hectares of natural reserve you can observe the beauty of Mexico in its purest form. You will see mangroves and natural wells, in a unique landscape of abundant vegetation, in contrast to the blue of the lagoon water. If you are lucky, you will see many different species of birds, fish and other animals that are abundant in the area.

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